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Welcome to Dains Forensic Accounting

Dains Forensic LLP is a professional firm of Chartered Accountants, providing a wide-range of forensic accounting services through a team of dedicated Partners and senior staff. With specialist forensic accounting expertise spanning over 25 years, our forensic team is at home equally in civil and criminal arenas, providing expert evidence in both the UK and overseas in international arbitrations.

The department is headed by Andrew Donaldson who formed Dains Forensic LLP in 2013. Andrew is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a member of the Expert Witness Institute.

Martin Berry joined Dains Forensic LLP as a Consultant in 2018. Martin is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a member of the Academy of Experts and who is registered as an Accredited Accountant Expert Witness by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Our membership of NIFA enables us to call on a national pool of experience and knowledge in the forensic accounting field and means we are kept fully informed of the latest developments. Membership of NIFA provides assurance to instructing parties because members must adhere to quality standards set and monitored on an annual basis by means of an independent quality assurance review carried out by a barrister. For more details please visit NIFA .

NIFA has recently been involved in the publication of a new book entitled “Forensic Accounting and Finance”, with Andrew as one of the contributors and Martin acted as "sounding board".

Our work methodology involves the following key stages:

  • Preliminary pre-litigation assessment: we work with you to explore the financial and accounting merits of the case, together with the likely size of the dispute. We provide constructive accounting expertise at the start of the claim in the context of strategic planning.
  • Litigation support services: where required, we support the discovery process, preparing witness statements, which involve technical accounting and financial issues, and producing visual-aids for trial purposes. We provide commercial input in order to maximise the benefits of any early settlement negotiations.
  • Expert witness: our experts are engaged on a day-to-day basis in providing written and oral expert witness services in a variety of legal arenas. We analyse accounting records and other financial evidence, leading to high quality expert reports and commentary on the evidence produced by opposing experts.
  • Court hearing experience: our experts are experienced in providing oral testimony in both civil and criminal matters, in the UK and overseas.

Our experts have been appointed as both party and a Single Joint Experts on many occasions and have given expert evidence in the County and Crown Courts and the Royal Courts of Justice, High Court Family and Queens Bench Divisions. They have also held meetings with other experts on several occasions to identify areas of agreement and disagreement in order to prepare a joint statement to assist the Court.

Our reports follow standards set by NIFA for the Court and take account of the requirements of the Civil Procedure Rules, the Family Procedure Rules and the Criminal Procedure Rules (as appropriate). Conclusions are clearly set out in summary form with supporting and working documents attached.

Our instructing Solicitors are responded to promptly and we aim to be practical and realistic in setting timescales for producing reports, always mindful of the need to keep our instructing Solicitors informed of progress.

We are willing, without obligation, to review case papers in order to ascertain the likely costs involved in providing suitable evidence and/or producing an appropriate report and also to provide guidance (where applicable) on whether a report is likely to be cost effective in relation to the circumstances of a particular case.

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